Waterproof Martingale Collar
Waterproof Martingale Collar

Waterproof Martingale Collar

Waterproof Martingale Collar

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Waterproof Anti-Escape Martingale Collar for Sighthounds and Escapist Dogs

If you have a sighthound or escape dog, or one that tends to pull a lot on walks, the Waterproof Martingale Collar is the perfect option to guarantee its safety and control. This anti-escape and anti-pull dog collar has a self-adjusting part that closes when the dog tries to remove its head, preventing it from escaping. In addition, when the dog pulls, the collar adjusts to cause a sensation of suffocation that will make it stop, reducing the effort that we will have to make to control it.

The Waterproof Martingale Collar is practical and functional, made of high-resistance polypropylene tape and covered with a waterproof and easy-to-wash fabric, surprisingly soft to the touch. Its elegant and functional design makes it the perfect option for walks in the rain.

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